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         LIFE's Dream Calling"

          The Exciting Adventures of the 2nd Half of Life


Book Description:

How can the 2nd half of life, in which the call of LIFE'S dream gets more and more urgent - intentionally or unintentionally - become a rewarding and enchanting adventure with zest and esprit, in which your own dream of LIFE and LIFE'S dream of you come true? How can this be accomplished, despite all the challenges that life and aging bring? As a psychotherapist of almost 70 years, I have been exploring this question, and I also wanted to know what other psychotherapists around the world have researched and written on this topic, in addition to my own experiences.

In this book I try to show, in a colourful sequence of topics and authors, in an easy-to-understand way, how the findings of psychotherapy are inspiring, enriching, unconventional and encouraging answers to the question posed above. For a fulfilling life across the lifespan, it is imperative to better understand and consider the interplay of body, mind, spirit and soul including the unconscious.

After a preface, which leads to the topic and also results from my personal concern, I bring a short and easily comprehensible presentation of the "Psychology of the 2nd half of life" according to C. G. Jung. In the "Mysterious Symbolic Language of the Ancient Wise Woman", a symbol of the unconscious, I let Clarissa Pinkola EstÚs, author of the world bestseller "Women Who Run with the Wolves", have her say, in addition to my own explanations. "The Power of Character" is particularly clarified by James Hillman, while the conditions under which "Creative Aging" is possible are highlighted by Leopold Rosenmayr. The goal of "Turning Life Into a Work of Art" is pointed out by Danielle Quinodoz, while aging as a "Journey into Simplicity" is well characterized by Helen M. Luke. In the chapter "A Touch of Lightness," Ingrid Riedel and Marie-Louise von Franz, among others, have their say with their cross-connections to mysticism and quantum physics. In "LIFE’S Dream - only a dream?", "The Creative Human Being", "Path Consciousness and Transformation", "Gratitude" and in the "Epilogue" I show the special importance of these topics for a satisfying, enchanting and exciting "Adventure in the second half of life".