Dream analysis, Life Transitions, Retirement, Aging

A satisfying, fulfilling and fruitful life in the 21 st century requires a holistic and integral way of living, which includes a lifelong daily practice with body (sensory perception), soul (emotions), mind (thinking), spirit (that wich transcends my ego) and shadow (the unconscious), and the night dream is the royal road to the unconscious, given to us by nature to use as a guide.

But how can dreams be understood?
Their imagery often appears enigmatic, but they contain unimagined possibilities for development which escape the conscious "day consciousness ego". Dreams are therefore an inexhaustible source of inspiration and creativity, and with their original intelligence and wisdom they urge the expansion of consciousness and the wholeness of the personality.
The dream is the only universal language that was and is common to all people of all cultures and at all times, and everyone can learn how to use this "foreign language" and thus promote their well-being and personal growth.

In the dream seminars we try to understand our dreams and their meaning for our everyday life and our next steps of development.